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Kangaroo Island

For a week, we went to Kangaroo Island to explore and check out the fishing. As usual, the weather wasn’t our best friend, but we were able to get out for a good fish most days.

When I was looking forward to going on this trip, my main goal was to burly for some Great White sharks. I am fascinated by Great Whites and would love to see one in the water beside my boat. But after the first day fishing for tuna from Kangaroo Island, this was my focus for the rest of the week.

I have never seen anything like it, and hope to see it again: the tuna were schooling and practically boiling under the boat. They were in a feeding frenzy, as were the birds, and the abundance of life in the ocean was amazing.

I learnt a lot. I have never cast lures into a school of tuna to catch tuna. Fishing for yellow-fin tuna on the East coast is very different. These were blue-tin tuna, and the fishing is very different.

On the first day, we hooked five, but only managed to land one. The second day, we were casting into the mass of tuna, and they wouldn’t take a lure at all! So it was trial and error all week. It’s a place that would take a while to master, but that’s what fishing is all about.

Kangaroo Island

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Located just 112 km south of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is labeled as “uno” of the world’s best fishing locations with virgin angling waters producing a wide variety of famous fish species. Holiday fishermen has the opportunity to enjoy game fishing at the beach, rock, estuary, river and all are evenly rewarding. The most yields of fish are King George whiting, sweep, snapper, flathead, mullet, trevally, drummer, snook, tommy ruff, rays and sharks.

Best access to this island is by air or a ferry which allows fishermen to bring their cars from the mainland. Advanced bookings should be made to secure a passage during the busy months, year ends, or school holiday period.


It is considered as the ‘capital’ of the island where there’s a good jetty fishing for tommy ruff and garfish. The surrounding waters of Nepean Bay is productive of good-sized whiting, especially off Red Banks. Snapper and trevally are taken regularly In deeper water. In the nearby Cygnet River, anglers can land good yields of bream.

American River 

Popular for its large catches of King George whiting, this is the most famous fishing spot on the island. From a prominent headland on the eastern part of the bay, big snapper can be hauled and snook are abundant at almost any spot in the bay. The American River is also the base for several game fishermen taking white sharks which is often set for world records. Some fishes found in this area are southern bluefin, mako sharks, big-eye tuna, dolphin fish and amberjack.

Pink Bay

The best spot to fish is at any side of the beach rather than from the beach itself. The main catches there are the snook, jewfish, yellowtail kingfish, snapper, salmon and sweep. Another local spots in the bay is at the rocky side of the beach.

Vivonne Bay

A popular bream stream, the Harriet River runs towards the western side of the bay. On the southern side of the bay, the small jetty takes good whiting and squid are hauled at night under lights. Rock fishermen will take snook, sweep, parrotfish and rock cod at Point Ellen.

Hanson Bay and South-West River

This is an abundant spot for salmon and tailor in the winter. Mullet, jewfish, bream, rays and sharks can be taken during the summer. Rock anglers will land sweep and salmon off the headlands. In the South-West River, there’s also an excellent bream fishing especially when it is landlocked. The best location in the river is along the western bank.

West Bay

Located inside Flinders Chase on the western side of the island. This area has been the outstanding spots to catch whiting, groper, sweep, salmon, bream, flathead and drummer.

Harvey’s Return

Another top spot to haul for big fish, groper, salmon, whiting, sweep, flathead, snapper and trevally. However, it is wise to fish elsewhere when the north winds are blowing, accompanied by big seas.

Snug Cove

Located at the east of Harvey’s Return. The best way to access this small bay is through private land. Huge sized whiting and sweep can be hauled as well as sharks and trevally which come close to the shore.

Stokes Bay

Abundant catches can be made along this coastline. Headland fishing will provide snook, George whiting and snapper. Early in morning is the best time to fish, because the afternoon breezes turn the water choppy.

Emu Bay

Jetty fishing will be able to haul squid, garfish and tommy ruff. The main catches in the bay are snook, whiting, snapper and trevally.

Bay of Shoals

Abundant snook and salmon are can be found here. The trevally and large whiting will be caught by moving around and finding the best locations.

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