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fishing club

The benefits of being in a fishing club are many and varied, depending on who you and and what you want to achieve with your fishing.

My father started the Wangaratta Sports Fishing Club over 30 years ago, and my brother and I grew up with that family environment, and also winning competitions which encouraged our fishing.

Now, when  we look for a club, we are looking for a family environment still. Because Jacqui, with my, also fishes, I want her to feel comfortable and included. We want to fish some competitions, and we also want to have an IGFA membership through our club.

We have been members of the Canberra Game Fishing Club a number of times, and will continue to be, because of a number of their competitions that we like to participate in, and because they are IGFA affiliated.

Most recently, we joined a local club that we can participate in, because its meetings are in Epping in Melbourne – the Northern Metro Sports Fishing Club. After two meetings, and one competition, we have found this club to be family-friend, and very inclusive.

I really encourage people to participate in clubs.

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