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Why Fishing?

why i fish

So a lot of people who know me well always ask me: “Bro, why do you go fishing? You jump out of planes, you whitewater kayak, you’re into your motorbike racing and then you go fishing. Why??”

My answer to them is this:why fish

Fishing is one of those sports that has everything in it. It can leave you on the highest of highs … and the lowest of lows.

The chance to see things, like tuna busting up the surface in a mad feeding frenzy and the birds dive bombing the bait, or seeing a big shark appear out of no where in a burly trail, or having that big Marlin crash a live bait and seeing it all happen right there in front of you, and knowing that most people have only seen this stuff on documentaries.  But being out there, with this happening around you, is just awesome.

Being able to have a mate, a friend or family on the boat who have never caught a fish before, and then being there when they land it or put a tag in, or even lose it, and knowing that you were a part of that experience. It is something that you will always talk about when you catch up, which is really cool.

When the fishing is hot and mayhem rules on the boat, and things are going everywhere, it really gets that adrenalin going, the blood pumping and makes you want more and more.

We are always looking for the next thing in life and fishing is no different. You always want a bigger fish, a different fish, to fish in a new location, to get a new PB, to be there when the bite is that hot and just going off, then being able to brag about it to your mates who could not come on the trip.

Fishing does not discriminate on your gender, your age, how much you earn, or what you do for a living. It allows you to relax, to float away and enjoy the moment, to share time with mates, friends and family.

Because of these reasons, this is why I fish………

why i fish

2 thoughts on “Why Fishing?”

  1. I totally agree! Fishing is an exhilarating experience, made even better when you watch someone catch their first fish! It’s a sport where you’ll never get bored; it’s great to see that you’re so passionate and excited by it even after being such a seasoned fisherman!

  2. John Lee says:

    Thanks for the article, I completely agree with you. Fishing is a variable reward system that leverages your patience. Some days you are very high with a good catch and other days you just learn a lot about patience…

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