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Western Port

We had our first experience at Western Port recently. Beautiful place, but unfortunately everyone on the boat got very seasick! We went in our boat through the Eastern entrance around Philip Island to fish for Mako sharks. The swell was fairly big, and we were drifting in the current as we put down a burley trail. Unfortunately the current didn’t drift us along the coast, but diagonally back in towards Phillip Island. So by the time we had a decent burley trail down, we were back into fairly shallow water. Luckily none of us felt well enough to continue trying, so with our tails between our legs we went back to the boat ramp after about 6 hours on the water.

western port

Western Port is known for being very shallow, and we were surprised by how shallow it was when we put in at the ramp at Newhaven. We followed a local boat out into the channel and managed to avoid the sand banks.

They say there are two kinds of fisherman at Western Port – those that have beached themselves on the sand, and those that have yet to beach themselves on the sand.

If we were feeling better, it was obvious that the fishing around Phillip Island on the ocean side could be exiting. On calms days, fishing around the rocks and blowholes could be quite productive.

Western Port is known for whiting and snapper, as well as yellowtail kingfish near the entrances, and gummy sharks and elephant fish in the ocean through the Eastern entrance. elephant fish

We will try it again through autumn and again next snapper season, and hopefully have more luck.

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