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While you cannot change the water temperature or the weather, much less control the moon, you can time your trips to take advantage of them. Similarly, even though seasonal movements of bait and injections of storm-washed foods are beyond your organisational ability, you can fake such events by the use of berley. Berley is used in all forms of offshore fishing including game and sports fishing as well as fishing over a reef for bottom dwellers. Sending down a cloud of easily gathered food among a bunch of sleepy fish can change their attitude dramatically.

cubing tunaOffshore berley can be made from pieces of fish flesh and various fish oils, either used along, or mixed together and extended with some kind of cereal product such as bread, laying mash or stock-food pellets. It can be dispensed in various ways: through a berley bucket or berley bomb, or simply tossed over the side, a little at a time.

One technique used in game fishing for such species as yellowfin tuna is called “cubing”. Small cubes of fresh tune, 2 x 2 cm in size, are dropped into the ocean current from a drifting game boat. This sets up a long “freeway” of enticing tidbits, which after a couple of hours will stretch for a couple of kilometres. Tuna coming across the trail will simply follow it to the back of the boat, where the waiting angler is ready with live bait or a hook impaled cube. More conventional berleying techniques over reefs also produce results when the fish are not on the bite.

The key with berley is to use the right type and just enough to get the job done. A little, in a constant stream, is better than a big slug of it, then nothing. This is especially important offshore, where currents can take the berley away from you, and the fish with it. Remember do not feed the fish! Berley should only stimulate them.

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