Top 7 Fish Fetishes

Top 7 Fish Fetishes

Knowing some basic rules about fish behaviour, and what fish love, will help you to put your bait in the right place in the bay or estuary.

1. Fish face upstream or into the tidal flow in order to breathe more easily. This position also allows them to see their prey as they await the flow of food towards them.

Top 7 Fish Fetishes2. Fish save energy by lurking just off the main current flow. Here they can hold position and grab food as it swirls past. They may also find shelter behind a rock or log, still close to the current.

3. Fish are attracted to structures such as rocks, logs, islands and trees, and to channels and shelving drop-offs, as they provide shelter.

4. Fish avoid shallow, clear water in daylight hours to protect themselves from the sun and animal predators – and anglers!

5. Fish use the tide to bring them food or allow them access to food-rich areas such as weed patches, encrusted pylons and gabby banks that are above water at low tide.

6. As well as being ruled by the tides, fish are ruled by the dawn and dusk. At dawn, diurnal fish move from deeper water where they were resting, to begin foraging in the first light. Nocturnal fish make the opposite journey, returning to deeper water and to concealment to wait out the day. Later as the sun starts to set, the process seen at dawn is reversed.

7. Fish are driven by instinct, not reasoning, and their behaviours revolve around three primary goals: finding food, reproduction, and avoiding predators. Much depends on the species and location,so know the species you’re fishing for.


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