The Hooked Podcast S2 Ep2: Streaker Marine

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This episode features Sean Savage from Streaker Marine, where Cuzzy Bro’s first bought a boat that was ocean-worthy. Sean is the second generation of a family owned and run business. His uncle and father, Leon and Paul Savage ,have been involved in boating all of their lives. As teenagers they were both accomplished water skiers and had also been attracted to the world of fishing. Leon, being an apprentice Boatbuilder and Shipwright, was already designing and building boats in his spare time.

Streaker marine

In 1973 the two brothers decided to make a full time commitment to their new company, L & P Savage Brothers Marine Pty Ltd, which was to build a range of boats called ‘Streaker Boats’. The rest is history – Streaker Boats over the intervening years has become one of the most popular brands of fibreglass boats ever built in this country. You only have to look at the second-hand market and see the re-sale value of Streakers to see how popular they are.

This is for many reasons – they are super practical, wide, deep, soft riding, stable, extremely strong, beautiful to look at, with an excellent finish – reasons that will give you confidence and satisfaction that Streaker is the right choice!

Leon and Paul, and their entire staff, love boating. Not only is it their business, it is their total interest. They are totally, 24 hours a day, involved in boating. They love it and this is another reason why their boats are so good!


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