Bream, Flathead and Snapper

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Bream are likely to be found almost anywhere in an estuary or bay, but prefer areas offering a structure and shelter. The three main species breamare black bream, yellowfin bream and pikey bream. Unlike most other species, bream stay in the estuary over winter and, rather than migrating offshore, they move up the estuary to where fresh water meets salt and spawn there.


flatheadFlathead come in more than a dozen forms, but three commonly encountered species are sand flathead, a widespread inshore species; dusky flathead, the most common species in temperate estuaries; and tiger flathead, a heavily built version common in cooler areas. In estuaries, flathead favour the edges of sandbanks, scattered patches of weed and any place where the current is deflected into eddies. In bays, they congregate where tidal flows meet, and offshore, they father in depths around 40m – wherever currents combine to form food lanes.


Juvenile snapper live in bays and estuaries, while adult fish spend much of their time around offshore reefs. Periodically, however, big Snapperfish do move into sheltered waters, usually in spring and summer, and are reasonably easy to catch.

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