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Record hunting

Record hunting

When fishing under the Game Fishing Association rules, you can fish line for certain types of fish with a particular line class, and go record hunting. Head here to check out all the Australian and State records.

This is currently what we are doing for Jacqui, but made the mistake of not being certain of what the record was that needed to be beaten!

Here are the current Victorian females records for Southern Bluefin Tuna:

On 4kg line – 23 kg (this is also the Australian record)

On 6kg line – 21.52kg (and the Australian record is 31.34kg)

On 8kg line – 25.20kg (and the Australian record is 28.08kg)

On 10kg line – 23.18kg ( and the Australian record is 49kg)

On 15kg line – 24.20kg (and the Australian record is 143.70kg)

On 24kg line – 111.40kg (and the Australian record is 124.8kg)

Here’s the fish she caught on 4kg line over the long weekend. We didn’t weigh it, because we thought it was too small – but it was pretty close, when we realised we were only chasing 23kg!

Record hunting

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