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Product Review: Predator Lures


Disclosure: Predator Lures are made by my father. I’ve used them all my life, and they have caught many varieties of fish including Murray Cod, Yellow Belly and Barramundi.

My father has been making Predator Lures for about 30 years. They were predominantly developed for the native fish species of the Murray River and other Victorian lakes and rivers.

The original lures were all made from Western Red Cedar with the shape formed using a wood rasp and then sanded by hand to a smooth finish. Getting the perfect lure shape turned into a passion for my father, and I watched him spending hours shaping, sanding, and testing lures. It was important to get the right action and swim depth in the water for the lure to be successful.

predator lure pink

The Predator Lure gradually evolved into the current shaped lure, and before long my father had built a copy lathe which made almost identical lures and production became easier. He made the 90mm wooden lure for about 7 years, and then added a 75mm wooden lure as well. Then around 1990, he changed production to a plastic injection mould.

predator lure green

Moving to the plastic mould created some new challenges, and it took a while to get the plastic lure to swim with the same characteristics as the wooden lure. But they have succeeded and developed a loyal following amongst Victorian locals. My father still proudly manufacturers and assembles every lure himself, and only sources a couple of components from offshore that are not available here in Australia.

This is the only hard body lure that I use of this size and type. No doubt, as we do more video and more blogging for you all, you will see the successes that we have on these lures.

predator lure elvis

You can find Predator Lures online here. Otherwise, they are only sold in local tackle stores throughout Victoria and New South Wales.


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