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Product Review: Abu Garcia Veritas Rod and Stradic Ci4 Reel

I have an Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 rod. It is a distinctive white colour, which is very lightweight and sensitive. It is very comfortable to use, with padded grips. It’s another graphite rod which helps keep strength when it’s so light. It was also a great price for the quality.

Abu Garcia

Paired with this rod is a Shimano Stradic Ci4 spinning reel. It’s ultra lightweight and really smooth. This reel was designed with a waterproof drag, and there’s a wide range of drag settings.

I have it set up as a left-hand reel, because I like casting with my right hand and being able to have more control so it can hit the water reeling.

Stradic Ci4

I usually fish this combo in fresh water with a baited hook (usually a worm) or a soft plastic. I have also tried it with a small Rapala lure. It’s really versatile, which is why I enjoy this rod and reel combo so much.

I run a pink braid on this reel, and it seems to do better than a similar set up with yellow line. I read somewhere that pink is harder for fish to see because of the way the light reflects off it in the water. I don’t know the science, but this rod catches probably twice the fish than a similar rod and reel with yellow line.

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