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We finally got a chance to get to Portland. It’s a 5 hour drive, so it’s not one that we will do regularly, but we were very impressed by the boat ramp facilities and what was getting caught.

portland tunaIt’s coming into blue fin tuna season. We thought we’d go down to Portland to get some early blue fin. We didn’t manage to catch any, though. But we did catch quite a few albacore tuna instead, which taste even better anyway.

This is certainly a spot we will be returning to, so hopefully we will have good video and photos of some blue fin that we catch.

Here’s some information taken from the Visit Portland site:

As one of Victoria’s fishing hot spots, the fertile seas and rivers in Portland and along the Discovery Coast offer a wealth of opportunities for keen fishers.

Whether you prefer game fishing, river fishing or surf fishing there are plenty of productive waters well stocked with Salmon, King George Whiting, Snapper, Mulloway, Tailor Trevally, Garfish and Kingfish.

The Fitzroy, Surry and Glenelg rivers, along with Yambuk and Bridgewater Lakes, are popular destinations for local fishermen, whilst those in a boat can relax in a safe harbour, which also boasts protection from westerly weather during summer.

The harbour is buoyed by one of the busiest boat ramps in Victoria.

In January one of the hottest types of fish is the shallow- line sizzling yellow tail king fish.

Mulloway are certainly a sight for sore eyes and they taste fantastic. Sharks such as makos and thresher are renowned for their line ripping and jumping out of the water antics while blue sharks and gummies, bronze whalers and schoolies are also prevalent in our seas.

Morwong, blue morwong, snapper and coral pearch are just some of the true smorgasbord of fish caught in the waters of the Discovery Coast. In summer, there are plenty of torpedo squid and usually good runs of calamari squid.

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