General Fishing tips

Mulloway, Trevally and Whiting


Some of the mulloway (jewfish) found in bays and estuaries are residents, others are only occasional visitors. They frequent areas jewfisharound bridges, points, holes and creek mouths, where they hunt or ambush their favoured foods of small fish, prawns or squid. Live or dead baits of these are effective, as are large minnow-style lures. Mulloway are found in estuaries at any time of the year, heir whereabouts being dependent on the presence of prawns, squid and schools of pilchards, mullet and whitebait on which they feed.


trevallyTrivially frequent many estuaries, the silver variety being common in temperate zone, and species such as giant, older, gold-spotted and bigeye usually found in warmer areas. Most really will take lures; all will take baits of small fish. Silvers will also take various worms, crustaceans and shellfish. Larger trivially are usually caught offshore.


There are some eight common species of whiting; of these the best known are the trumpeter and sand whiting, the yellow-finned whitingwhitening, and the King George whiting. Whiting are a warm weather fish and leave estuaries in the winter.

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