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Mako shark and blue shark

We had the opportunity to take a week on the south-east coast of Australia to chase some shark. We heard they were having a busy season, and lots of sharks were around, so we based ourselves at Bermagui to do some fishing.

We were targeting mako shark, since they are plentiful and very tasty.

The mako shark has a hydrodynamic shape for speed in the water, and they certainly take off when they’re hooked. They are also renowned for their ability to leap out of the water, and sometimes even jump into your boat when they’re hooked!

Makos are blue in colour, with white underneath. This makes them difficult to tell about from blue sharks. Blue sharks have virtually the same colouring, though a blue shark will generally have a longer slimmer snout, and longer slimmer fins. Blue sharks behave differently in the water – they are not generally as fast or as crazy when they’re angry as a mako shark. Also, blue shark tastes horrible.

Shortfin Mako Shark

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  1. Adam James says:

    Love the videos guys, keep em coming!!! Would love to see more of your towing rig ford ranger too. Maybe a video review would be sweet! Loving your work. Happy hooking. Adam.

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