Fishing For Women

Introducing Lil’ Mumma

Time to introduce myself. My name is Jacqui. I am the wife of Daniel (aka Big Daddy, aka Cuzzy Bro) and I’m calling myself Lil’ Mumma!

JacquiI really enjoy fishing. I am not great at tying knots, at putting bait on hooks, or casting out a line. I’m learning. You can come along with me for the journey; for all those women out there who want to be able to fish.

I enjoy fishing because it gets me away, because it’s quiet and like a meditation for me – I calm my mind and just count. I also tend to catch more fish than my husband, which is great!

Fishing also frustrates me. If the weather is bad, I miss out. I tend to have less time to fish than Daniel does, and the weather always seems to turn bad whenever I have time to fish! I also enjoy catching lots of little fish, whereas Daniel likes to go after one big shark or game fish per trip. I like the satisfaction of catching fish, but a whole day chasing one fish can be boring and annoying.

Daniel and I have decided that in 2020, we are going to travel around Australia on a motorised flybridge yacht – we’re looking at a Riviera or Caribbean. We are going to record our journey here on this blog, and on our YouTube channel. We are going to catch most of our food. It’s a trip that we’re both looking forward to very much, and can’t wait to share it with you.

Planning our trip

Because of our planned trip, we are doing more saltwater fishing than freshwater fishing. We got a bigger boat. It was easier and I really enjoyed freshwater fishing. Now saltwater is further to drive, more to clean afterwards, and less fish to catch … but it’s all for a great goal. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our adventures with you all!

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