Hooked Podcast Ep 5: Barefoot Fishing Safaris in NT

Mark Watson

In this episode, I speak with Glenn “Watty” Watt, a former Victorian, who has started a successful charter business in the Northern Territory: Barefoot Fishing Safaris.

He was given a chance to chase a dream in 2011 and grabbed hold of it with both hands. Barefoot was born in 2013 and continues put a smile on his face every time he’s on the water with you guys.

Within a few years a reputation was building of a good time, laughs, learning, adventure and of course innovation and quality fishing.

You won’t get in trouble for getting a snag, a tangle or missing a cast on his boat. He’s there to guide you through anything you need help with on the way to catching your first Barra or your thousandth.

Remember fishing should be fun, and when it is you’ll always catch more.

Check out the different charters and membership options: https://www.barefootfishingsafaris.com.au

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