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JACQUI BRAUMAN: Hi, everyone. Jacqui Brauman here. I’ve been given control of the podcast this time because I’m interviewing Daniel.It’s our first episode back for season 3 and we’ve had a quiet couple of years. So, what’s been going on, how are we going? DANIEL: We went quiet for a couple of years. COVID really hit us pretty hard down here in Victoria. So we haven’t really had much of a chance to get out and do a lot of fishing, but it did allow us a lot of time to get......

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marlin in march
March 27, 2022

Marlin in March

After putting the tower onto the boat in January, we left the boat on the Gold Coast for a month, while I went back to work – looking forward to my annual pilgrimage for marlin in March. Then I had 6 weeks off, from the end of Feb 2022, to go up and bring the boat home. I had a crew of the boys with me to bring the boat back down from the Gold Coast to Bermagui, and then 4 weeks of fishing for marlin from there. Here’s some footage: We......

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getting a tower
February 15, 2022

Getting a Tuna Tower

A tuna tower is the pinnacle of cool kit to put on a fishing boat – not only does it look hot, but it also allows a significant increase in visibility into the water – for both fish and for dangers under the surface when fishing around reefs. Getting a tuna tower on our boat only became a possibility because Black Marlin Towers had a secondhand one advertised on Facebook – and it turned out to be perfect for our Riv. I had to get the boat up to the Gold Coast......

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Melbourne to Gold Coast

This trip was to be the Big Test before our Big Trip. Although we didn’t have very long – only two weeks to get the boat from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in the Christmas break of 2021 to 2022. But we would be living on the boat together, with no one else to help, and have the two kelpies with us – Scout and Terra. Port Phillip Bay to Refuge Cove We left Wyndham marina at about 11pm on 23 December 2021, and just trolled across Port Phillip Bay. We went......

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early season tuna
January 22, 2021

Early season tuna

In early January, there were hundreds of small school bluefin tuna straight out the front of the Port Phillip Bay heads, stretching West along to Barwon Heads. They were in very close, and the large schools were clearly visible in the swell and on the surface. But they just were not eating! They would not take lures, whether trolled or stick-bait. Those who were spear fishing could do well, if they could see them in the water. We were luck enough to have a couple of these early season tuna. When we......

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