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Living the dream
November 24, 2022

Living the dream

It feels so long since we’ve been marlin fishing – here’s some footage from March that we hadn’t previously released. It’s more like reliving the dream! We’re really looking forward to our move to Brisbane next month, and fishing on the way up, and the amount of fishing we’ll do out of the Gold Coast once we’re there....

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Hooked Podcast
October 05, 2022

S3 Episode 6 – The Dance

Phil Dance is the new owner of Colorato Lures, so we take the opportunity to find out about his fishing background and his plans for the lures that we have had so much success with...

Hooked Podcast
September 13, 2022

S3 Episode 5 – Paul Worsteling

In this episode, Daniel “Bro” Brauman shares his chat with Paul Worsteling. Paul is an Australian sports fisherman, television and radio host and entrepreneur. He’s the star of iFish, and known for owning a Tackleworld...

Hooked Podcast
May 15, 2022

We’re back – Season 3 of Hooked Podcast

JACQUI BRAUMAN: Hi, everyone. Jacqui Brauman here. I’ve been given control of the podcast this time because I’m interviewing Daniel.It’s our first episode back for season 3 and we’ve had a quiet couple of years....

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