Melbourne to Gold Coast

This trip was to be the Big Test before our Big Trip. Although we didn’t have very long – only two weeks to get the boat from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in the Christmas break of 2021 to 2022. But we would be living on the boat together, with no one else to help, and have the two kelpies with us – Scout and Terra. Port Phillip Bay to Refuge Cove We left Wyndham marina at about 11pm on 23 December 2021, and just trolled across Port Phillip Bay. We went......

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We're back

In this episode of the Hooked Podcast, Bro speaks with big game fisherman, Mark Watson, from Tasmania. With decades of experience fishing for tuna, kingfish and broadbill in Tasmania, Mark also has a reputation as a man who can land and tag that big game fish, no matter what the conditions. He’s had multiple tag-and-release trophies, but his collection of tales (and tails) and memories are the most valuable from his fishing life. He even gives us some advice about marriage!...

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