February 23, 2020

The New Just One More

At New Years Day, we had our last trip on the Sailfish S8, at Port Fairy. Then our house sold, and we moved into a rental property. We used the proceeds of our house to buy the next Just One More – a 50′ Riviera. We picked it up on the Australia Day long weekend from Sydney, and drove it down to Batemans Bay over two days. We caught a marlin on the first day! I installed my homemade leaning post straight away. Then we caught another marlin on our third day.......

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2019 in review
January 11, 2020

2019 in Review

What a year 2019 was! Not as much quantity of fishing as we would have liked. But the quality of fishing was great, and we ticked off some big goals this year. Have a watch:...

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Changing our boat
December 01, 2019

Changing our boat

We have had a dream for about five years now, and it’s coming together – hence we are changing our boat. We have had our Sailfish S8 for 3 years, and it has served us well. But our dream is to cruise around Australia, fishing. The Sailfish is not big enough to live on. We have always had a larger flybridge cruiser in mind for doing our trip. We have also sold our house, and moving into a rental for 12 months. So we should be on track to start our trip......

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Life on the Line
November 09, 2019

Life on the Line

On Wednesday 6th November at the IMAX at the Melbourne Museum, Al McGlashan launched his passion project about Southern Bluefin Tuna – the documentary Life on the Line. This had many supporters and contributors, and is a fantastic story about how sustainable management can turn around the decline of a species – the Southern Bluefin Tuna (“SBT”). SBT was driven to the brink of extinction in the 1980s as demand for its highly-prized meat increased. The documentary tells the story of how government, industry, research and the fishing community worked together, here......

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Bunnings community fun day
October 19, 2019

Bunnings Community Fun Day

In support of our club, the Northern Metro Sportsfishing Club, we brought the boat out for the Epping Bunnings Community Fun Day on 19 October. It was a chance for local community groups to put on something for their community, but also to raise awareness for their clubs to try to get new members. We gave out gift bags with the boating safety book and fishing guide for Victoria, as well as hats and drink bottles, and some small plastic lure boxes. Hope to see all the new members at the next......

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Fishing regulations 2019

I always say that you shouldn’t complain unless you contribute, or you’re willing to put your hand up to get involved. This is your chance to contribute to the development of new fishing regulations for Victoria. The Victorian Department of Transport is seeking feedback on the proposed new Fishing Regulations. The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring our fisheries resources are sustainable and shared by the Victorian fishing community. The Regulations facilitate the licensing of the recreational and indigenous fishing, commercial fishing and aquaculture sectors in Victoria and aim to effectively manage......

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Cuzzy Bro's Barrel bluefin
September 21, 2019

Portland Barrel Bluefin

Catching a barrel bluefin on my own boat has been on my bucket list for the last three years. The weather for the last two years, on weekends, has generally been really bad. Enviously, I’ve watched people make the pilgrimage to Portland and get their barrel tuna when the weather is good during the week. Then by the weekend, it is too windy. But finally, last Friday, I took a long weekend and made the run down late on Thursday night, and caught my barrel bluefin tuna! It weighed 111.95kg after having......

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marlin fishing
April 09, 2019

The Marlin Chase

We recently had the luxury of having two weeks off work, chasing marlin over at Bermagui. Like most people, we planned our dates a year in advance, so that we made sure we had time off work and accommodation booked. We planned our trip to confidence with the new moon, and historical data that had said this two weeks in March should be the best. After arriving in Bermagui, we set out gear up, tested the drags on our reels, made a plan, and stuck to it. However, the first 9 days......

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2018 fishing review
December 23, 2018

2018 Fishing in Review

2018 in review. A very big thank you to everyone who was a part of 2018 and the awesome fishing trips and adventures Cuzzy Bro’s fishing had this year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019.  ...

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