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Bermagui to Melbourne

Bermi to Melbourne

After fishing for a week with Jacqui on the boat from Bermagui, Jacqui and I then had to bring the boat home to Victoria. We didn’t have great weather for that week, and we didn’t catch a marlin.

With just the two of us left, the weather window to get home looked awesome, so took it very slowly, trolling the whole day from Bermagui back South.

We had just about given up on Jacqui catching a marlin this season, when we saw this on the screen:

Simrad Victorian marlin

Then we hooked up – the rigger went wild – and Jacqui had to battle a large striped Victorian marlin alone on the deck (fishing around our fuel bladder for the extra fuel we were carrying to get home).

Victorian marlin
Victorian marlin

We caught the big beauty – our first Victorian marlin!

Victorian marlin

Then the sun set on our 7 weeks of marlin fishing, and we buckled in for the overnight leg that would get us to Refuge Cove.

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