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marlin fishing
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The Marlin Chase

We recently had the luxury of having two weeks off work, chasing marlin over at Bermagui. Like most people, we planned our dates a year in advance, so that we made sure we had time...

April 09, 2019
2018 fishing review
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2018 Fishing in Review

2018 in review. A very big thank you to everyone who was a part of 2018 and the awesome fishing trips and adventures Cuzzy Bro’s fishing had this year. We look forward to seeing you...

December 23, 2018
tow vehicle
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Our Tow Vehicle

It has taken us a long time to get the towing right with the S8. First, the Ranger wasn’t compliant. Then the Landcruiser was unstable. But we think we’ve perfected our tow vehicle:

December 08, 2018
Cuzzy Bro's Fishing
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Cuzzy Bro’s Fishing

Gathering more and more video from our fishing trips, I thought I would re-do our general video intro and header for our Facebook page.

July 08, 2018
work stops fishing
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When Work Stops Fishing

Up until Easter, I only had about two weekends completely off work, so work stops fishing trips from happening! Even the Australia Day long weekend, I had to work for the start of it. Here’s...

April 10, 2018
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Bermagui in December 2017

It was a bit early in the season for marlin, but we made the trek to Bermagui in the middle of December 2017, for 10 days of fishing. It was a major birthday celebration, too,...

February 02, 2018
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